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employee chinking and caulking

Sealants are an extremely important part of your log home. They are often overlooked, resulting in the potential for moisture and insects invading the home. This is also a major cause of heat loss. Over time, the savings in heat and air conditioning expenses may more than pay for the cost of the sealant application. Frontier Finishing uses only quality sealants that will stretch with the natural movement of the logs. This eliminates the cracking and splitting often found in sealants of lower quality.

corn cob blasting project

Corn cob blasting has become the favorite option for stain removal. It is environmentally friendly, restoring logs to their original appearance without damaging them or using any harsh chemicals. No water is used, so there's no chance of water damage in your home. As an added bonus, corn cobs are biodegradable, and act as fertilizer for your foliage. The restorative properties of corn cob blasting are readily evident in this picture. The darker area is the old, stained appearance. The lighter area is the natural look and texture of the wood. It is dry, clean, and ready for refinishing.

completed staining projec

Frontier Finishing recommends deluxe penetrating stains that protect your logs from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. These stains allow the logs to "breathe" resulting in moisture escaping through the finish, rather than lifting the finish and causing unsightly blistering and stain failure.

log repair and replacement

When log homes are neglected, rotting is a common result. Frontier Finishing has the expertise to repair, or if necessary, replace these logs and restore the home to near original condition. After staining takes place, it is almost impossible to identify which logs are the original and which ones have been replaced.


  • Frontier Finishing highly recommends use of Perma-Chink products. Click here to view the full catalogue of Perma-Chink products.

  • Frontier Finishing has access to negotiated rates, which are lower than regular retail rates. Contact us to purchase Perma-Chink products for your own use.

  • We are in the Top 3 in the USA for using Perma-Chink products.

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